Sprint 150 S

Vespa Sprint S further accentuates Vespa Sprint's sporty styling and is designed to be the gutsiest of Vespa's family. The new Sprint S adds a series of novelties to the already-sporty Vespa Sprint, the first scooter in this class to mount two 12" rims. The seat is unique to this model and adds a sporty elegance.

Being enriched by advanced technological features such as i-GET Engine, Antilock Braking System (ABS) front wheel, LED lights, Immobilizer and USB port for easy charging of smartphones and electronic devices, Vespa Sprint S is designed to combine freshness of style and sportiness with state-of-the-art technology. With entire steel body under the stunning new colors, characterised by the sporty stickers and details in glossy red, Vespa Sprint S is born for those who play to win, for the skillful players in their own adventures of life to turn everyday travel into pleasure and fun.

Specs & Inclusions
  • 150cc i-GET engine
  • ABS front wheel
  • LED lights
  • Immobilizer
  • USB port 
  • Fuel tank capacity 7 litre
  • 12" rims
  • Double disc brakes
  • Pricing includes 12 months NSW Registration, 12 months Dual Seat CTP and Stamp Duty.
  • Note overseas models may be shown, variations may occur within Australia

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